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Quick One

I have work in about 50 mins. so, this will be quick. I have been taking my meds again, which is why my mood has been better. The problem with meds is the side effects. I gain wieght, shake,tired, and all of a sudden it's been making me sick. I started taking them at night. I'm hoping it helps. I don't have insurance to keep switching meds and doing med checks.
On a bright note. I stayed sober last night:) I didn't even think much about it. Today, I feel good right now too. I spent the day with my mom and my niece. I bought my godson his bday present. Then, we had dinner. Now, I'm going to head to work. I work till 12. I bought some tea to help me sleep. My meds will do the rest. One day at a time.

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