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Life after Rehab: The Perks of Being Sober

Originally posted by juliarogers2015 at Life after Rehab: The Perks of Being Sober
        Having successfully completed treatment is an achievement for someone recovering from the pitfall of addiction. For them, taking that remarkable first step towards sobriety is life-changing. Walking out of a treatment facility also means success. It’s important, however, to remember that life after recovery is a continuous battle. Getting clean and sober is not the endgame.

        Recovery is a lifelong journey with endless bumps on the road. There may be a feeling of sobriety today but relapse may occur anytime especially if the person is not guarded with life skills. This is the purpose of life skills, so individuals can use them along their way to sobriety.

        After recovery, there will come a point that a changed individual will go back to the real world. Only then will a person see how good it is to be sober. Once a person has returned to their regular environment, it may be stressful and overwhelming. Even though the surroundings are familiar, so much has changed, and staying sober and committed can be difficult at first. However, the benefits of sobriety will help an individual to see what they can regain by ending their drug use, and these are just a few of the benefits:

The feeling of being healthy

  • There’s nothing better feeling than recovery from a bad illness. Individuals may find ways to stay fit and healthy while in recovery. These can be used to take back their health and end the destructive cycle of addiction. The moment they stop their substance abuse, they can regain their health and allows their body to heal itself. When the body is strong and healthy, a person can more successfully heal their mind.

Increased Funds

  • Being able to spend money on comforts and necessities can make a person feel safer and secure as well as much happier. Recovery teaches a person how to spend their money wisely and once a person is not concerned with getting more drugs, they will have more money to spend on much valuable things. Individuals can work to provide for their family and their selves or go on trips.

Rebuilding better Relationships

  • Being sober helps a person to reconnect with his family and friends which were strained by addiction. Overcoming addiction helps them to regain the trust of her or his family and friends. When drugs are no longer the most important thing in an individual’s life, family, friends, and spouses can start to rebuild their relationship with the recovering person.

Liberty and Serenity

  • For the first time, a person will feel genuine peace and freedom not caused by an alcohol or a substance abuse but from self-confidence and the knowledge that he has overcome the worst of times. Addiction is no longer keeping the person from being truly happy and any problems which caused them to turn to drugs can be dealt with and overcome as well.

Astounding amounts of appreciation

  • Without substance addiction bogging down a person, they will have time to appreciate the little joys in life, such as the sun and the flowers, or the feel of a breeze, or the sound of the birds. A person can be proud of their success and those around him will be proud as well.The journey to sobriety is not a smooth road. There will always be bumps which drift a person high and low but these are necessary in order to learn and successfully recover. Overcoming addiction is truly life changing and anyone can accomplish it by getting the treatment available at recovery centers across the nation.


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