life_happens25 (life_happens25) wrote in sobriety,

Sober time

The truth is I need to be sober. I'm sick of letting myself and the world down. However, I know I can't make the promise anymore. I don't want to be like, day one- day two- day three. It just kills me when I start over. Only thing I can say is for today- I got it. Maybe, I will tomorrow too. I feel good today and have since I started my meds. I just hope it stays, which it never does. When I dwell two much on sober/clean time- I fail in the end. The point is though. It's never the end. This is a fight. It’s a battle to keep ourselves alive. At 25 years old- it's time to face life. It’s time to see what I'm made of and who I am. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, this time I'll do it.
Only problem I see right now is Kate and my sister drinking around me at home. I’ll figure it out.

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harm_reduction <---a great community for struggling addicts or people who have been sober/clean for years. You should check it out.

Anyway, it's a daily fight when you're dealing with addiction. You can't focus on tomorrow or yesterday. I don't know if you are religious at all, but like the Bible says, "sufficient for the day are its own troubles" (Matthew 6:34).

As for your sister drinking around you, I know that can be tough. So far, every year, New Years is tough for me. I beat it the year before last, but this year, not so lucky. I've been sober 8 months now, though. It just takes walking away from a situation that you don't think you can handle, and asking God for strength.

Anyway, good luck. And definitely check out Harm_Reduction when you get the chance. We're good people.

I know this sounds cliche, but just take it one day at a time. Try not to drink/do drugs for 24 hours. Focus on that and don't worry about trying to stay sober for any length of time longer than that.