mysticsatyr (mysticsatyr) wrote in sobriety,

My name is Alonzo Cox

Now that i have gotten a little familiar with this site, I wanted to properly introduce myself. If you look at my profile you will see that i aspire to be a writer one day, probably in the fantasy, science fiction, horror, or comedy genre. Right now I work at a Crisis Center for UPMC, a hospital conglomerate it Pittsburgh. I am a Peer Specialist. A Peer Specialist in my case is a person in recovery who supports people with Mental Health Challenges and/or Substance Use Disorders. I took this job because i myself have been clean and sober for 13 years now, my anniversary is on July 15th. I am sending this out because i am willing to offer support to anyone who may just need someone to run things by. I have come to find that this is a thankless profession and so i don't do it for the money or the Kudos, but to really give back what was freely given to me. After the years of abuse that i put my body through i now have a pacemaker, so i know that i don't have another run in me, that is why part of my recovery process is being there for anyone who is still suffering. I also have a Mental Health Diagnosis, so i am a good counselor to talk to. I have also been trained to provide support for anyone who has had trouble with the Criminal Justice System, who are finding it hard to reintergrate into society. And i work with people in crisis everyday, trying to support people who are going through tragedies that may have been unexpected. I know this is a social networking site and sometimes we feel like we need to have fun and games, but sometimes people may be suffering, and there is no need to suffer in silence. At the Crisis Center we try to encourage people to call before a crisis becomes a crisis. I have learned that a relapse does not begin at the time you return to past actions, but the thought process that proceeds it. I am looking for a lot of different communties on this site, and even though i like to laugh and joke and create beautiful worlds. if you ever need someone to chat with you can friend me on Facebook, drop a post here, or send a message to my personal email. I will check all of these resources periodically. It's good to have fun, but please don't suffer in silence... there are plenty of people out there who are willing to listen.
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